This guide is for me if:


I am a caregiver for a family member living with a life-limiting illness.


I would like to plan for possible changes in caregiving for my family member.

Providing care for a family member is a process that often changes, sometimes quite suddenly. Careful planning allows us to care for our family member at home for as long as possible.


Every caregiving situation and community is different. If a topic on this website doesn’t fit right now, skip it until it does make sense.


Return to this website and work through the steps again and again as things change


It is important to have at least one person to talk to who knows us, knows our situation, understands our needs, and knows what resources are available.



My Caregiving Now

Step 1 invites us to think about how we manage our caregiving now, and where some help or information may be needed to provide the best care.


How Caregiving Might Change

Step 2 invites us to think about how caregiving might change and the things that influence our decisions.


Support in My Area

Step 3 invites us to explore the supports that might be available and whether more information is needed.


My Best Options

Step 4 invites us to consider what our best options might be if the needs for caregiving change.

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