Watch the Video

If you have not already watched the video introduction for our guide, please take a moment to watch it.  It highlights the reasoning behind the guide, how it works, the steps you will work through and more.

You can access the video from the homepage or click here.

Find a Quiet Moment

The guide does not have to be completed all in one sitting.  There are tools available to help you do it in stages as you find the time. You will be able to save your responses and send yourself a link to complete at a later time if you are interrupted.

Work Through the Steps in the Guide

Caregiving can be different for everyone depending on the situation.  Not every question in the guide will apply to your particular case.  Just skip those questions and keep moving forward.

Keep a Record of Your Responses

When you have completed the guide you can choose to save and print a document that contains all your responses to the questions as a permanent record or guide.  Even if you skip some of the questions, you can print a document at the end of the process, after you press the submit button.

Talk it Over With Someone

Once you have completed the guide and received your printable pdf, you can use this document to discuss your responses and remaining questions with a health care provider or your family and friends.

Here are some important questions about your caregiving situation to think about as you work through the Caregiver Decision Guide:


What do I need to do now so I can continue caregiving?


What do I need to do now to prepare for future changes in caregiving?


What questions do I have for a family doctor or other health care professional (e.g., community or palliative nurse) about caring at home?


What questions do I have for a family doctor or other health care professional about alternative places of care (e.g., Health Care Facility)?

Find out what other caregivers think…

What is the biggest factor for me in choosing to offer caregiving at home?

What are we waiting for?