The Family Caregiver Decision Guide grew out of a desire to assist families, who are managing serious life-limiting illness, to live as well as possible. Family caregivers are essential to this process of living well. However, we have learned through research studies and clinical work that caregivers are often unprepared for their role and lack the necessary education and support. This means that the many decisions that must be made over time can be challenging. The development of this Guide was our answer to the need for focused information and decision support.

We are grateful to the many family caregivers who contributed their valuable time and expertise to the development of this Guide.


Carole Robinson, PhD, RN
Professor, School of Nursing, University of British Columbia

Dr. Robinson is a nurse, professor, and family caregiver. She is passionate about helping family caregivers do the work they are so committed to accomplishing.


Barb Pesut, PhD, RN Professor, School of Nursing, UBC


Joan Bottorff, PhD, RN
Professor, School of Nursing, UBC

Graduate Student

Janelle Zerr

Research Support

Dr. Elizabeth Andersen
Laura Bissell
Erin McFee
Natalia Polchenko
Alexandra Rothenberg
Jamie Tomlinson

Website Development

Gayl Sarbit, MEd, PhD
Knowledge Broker, University of British Columbia

Website Design

PG Webdesigns


The research and development of the Guide was supported by funding from the: 

  • University of British Columbia Faculty of Health and Social Development
  • British Columbia Cancer Foundation
  • Peter Wall Institute for Advanced Studies: Wall Solutions Initiative